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Water, (C12, 13) Pareth-3 sulfate Na, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, olefin (C14-16) sulfonic acid Na, lauramide DEA, dioleic acid PEG-120 methyl glucose, lauroyl aspartic acid Na, (dihydroxymethylsilyl Propoxy) Hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin (wool), hydrolyzed keratin (wool), cetearamidethyldiethonium hydrolyzed rice protein, lauroyl hydrolyzed silk Na, moss bamboo shoot extract, sodium alginate, canina rose fruit extract, polyquaternium-10, Polyquaternium-48, (alkyl acrylate/diacetone acrylamide) copolymer AMP, sodium chloride, BG, ethanol, HEDTA-3Na, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol, fragrance
(Dihydroxymethylsilylpropoxy)hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin (wool) and hydrolyzed keratin (wool) are those extracted from the hair of raised individuals.

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