Find haircare dupes, alternatives, and similar products

How it works

Haircare products are analyzed by ingredients using artificial & human intelligence. Add or search for a product and get a list of alternatives, sorted by percentage of ingredients in common.

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A dupe or “duplicate” product, is a product that’s a cheaper alternative to or very much similar to another, often much more expensive product.

Dupes in haircare are sought after for many reasons, like:

  • You love a product but don’t love the price and want a cheaper alternative
  • You love a product but it’s hard to find, sold out, not available, discontinued or can’t be shipped to where you live
  • You love a product but one or two ingredients don’t suit you or your hair for whatever reason (allergies, reactions, fragrance, feel, tests on animals, etc.)
  • You love a product or ingredient & are curious to find similar products with the same formula/ingredient that will give you the same results
  • You’re away from home (travelling, moved to a different country) and need a product you can buy locally that’s similar to one you love
Haircare Dupes
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